Portrait and Figure Painting Workshop

Portrait and Figure Painting Workshop


Course Outline:

For the beginner and master alike, painting the portrait and figure has inspired and propelled countless artists in their quest to master skills and express inner convictions.

The great paintings throughout history always have a beautiful balance of proportion, value, color and edge. These aspects are what give power and presence in our work. During this workshop we will use a semi-limited palette to paint a combination of portraits and full length figures using the direct painting method (Alla-Prima). This practice is deeply rewarding, engaging and bound to take our appreciation and skill to the next level.


Alla Prima a technique in which the proportion, value, color, edge and brush strokes happen simultaneously. The painting is worked “wet into wet” and typically finished in one session. Great Masters of the past like Velasquez, Sargent and Sorolla worked this way. It is a thrilling practice with endless scope for expression.


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